NIZA is a company committed to responsible trade. We want our customers to know that the products we sell have been produced in an ethical, safe and environmentally friendly way. In addition, we want the images represented in our assortment to consider social and ethical values.

As a fundamental part of NIZA´s commitment to sustainability, it is essential to establish responsible management of our supply chain which, together with the participation of certain stakeholders, it contributes to transparency and is key in due diligence towards our suppliers.

We prioritize a relationship of trust with them, ensuring that they are aligned with our own commitments, contributing to ensuring the human rights of workers and strengthening the textile industry globally.

Working conditions

Compliance with all applicable laws is the foundation of our sustainable success. Forced labour is expressly prohibited, in bondage, prison labour, slavery or trafficking in persons in any form.

Environment, health and safety

Our suppliers must work to minimize the negative impacts of their operations on the environment, including energy consumption, water consumption and air emissions. We encourage our suppliers to continuously reduce waste.

Fair and ethical business practices

NIZA expects to adhere to the highest level of moral and ethical conduct and does not accept any form of corrupt practices.

Present and sustainable future

The new NIZA commitments mean that, by 2025, 50% of the brand's cotton products will have a bio certificate, "without toxic dyes or allergens," the company added in a statement.

In NIZA we commit ourselves to that by 2022, 100% of the fibres from wood used in our garments, like viscose, they are elaborated ensuring the preservation of forests. We will also work so that by 2021 100% of our cashmere comes from a 'filière' that traces and guarantees animal welfare.

Finally, and to reduce the use of plastics in our packaging, NIZA will only use packaging with this material that will be reused or reusable by 2025.

At NIZA we want to ensure that our products are respectful of people and the environment throughout their life cycle and, in addition, to guarantee the sustainability of the materials used, transparency and reducing the environmental impact on its supply chain and packaging.

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